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product description

New Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Juvederm Hyaluronic acid is produced by Allergan, the famous manufacturer of BOTOX, which is produced by France Lieder and passed in 2006. US FDA approval to enter the US market. At present, Juvederm (Qiao Ya Deng) hyaluronic acid in Europe and the United States market share of medical beauty, has more than the Swiss blue Restylane hyaluronic acid trend.
Juvederm products adopt the world’s most advanced and unique manufacturing process – HYLACROSS patented technology to produce the first smooth and smooth non-particle homogeneous gel, filled into the skin will give you a smooth and natural feeling. HYLACROSS technology not only gives Juvederm a unique soft smooth smooth uniform characteristics, and the formation of a high cohesion of the three-dimensional structure, the gel strength is higher, not easily degraded, the effect is more durable. This is also Juvederm (Joe Ya Deng) injection gel became the first US FDA approved efficacy can be maintained for more than a year of hyaluronic acid fillers reasons.

Scope of application

Juvederm Lip Hyaluronic Acid Volbella Suitable for fine lines on the face and middle wrinkles, especially for improved lip contours. It is a newer product than Lip Smilie Smile, soft, smooth and easier to inject. The lower concentration of HA also means that it is weakly hydrophilic (not easily absorbed by water), effectively reducing swelling, resulting in more natural results.

Effect duration

Juvederm Lipid Hyaluronic Acid Volbella is biodegradable and is not a permanent product. There is no residual concern. Into the human body, will gradually be absorbed by the body, which has a great personal relationship with the body, and some absorption faster, and some relatively slow, relatively speaking, if a person’s self-repair function, then the effect will be relatively short, Words, the effect of the maintenance of about 12 months or so, and some even longer.

Possible adverse reactions

Clinical studies have shown that patients may experience:
redness, swelling, pain, itching, discoloration, foreign body sensation, however, all these side effects usually 1-2 days mitigation only. If you have sustained side effects for more than a few days, please contact your doctor immediately.

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