Princess ® Volume

Princess ® Volume

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Princess ® Volume

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Princess Volume ® Description

What can Princess Volume ® dermal filler do for your aging and scar filled skin? Just as its name suggests, this is made for the deep skin wrinkles. It will work magically to make your skin level up and fill up again. It is made for the folds and lines in the skin. The results of using a treatment made with this product will last for 8-12 months.

The Princess ® Volume dermal filler can be applied for lip augmentation, to shape the contour of the chin, enhance the cheekbones and fill in other contours on the face. This life changing non-surgical procedure will enhance your smile and leave your face volume filled to the right shape. The results will be visible almost immediately and you can repeat the treatment once every year to maintain optimal results.

Product Features

  • Like the other products in the same family, Princess ® Volume is based on the non-animal hyaluronic acid.
  • No allergy testing is needed before you can use this products since the hyaluronic acid used in its manufacture is hypoallergenic
  • Using this product adds to the concentration of hyaluronic acid whose concentration in the body reduces with time. This causes increased growth in the cell close to the skin leading to recovery of the facial volume. This increase the overall harmony of the face thus enhanced looks.
  • The procedure does not require any surgery and this makes it very easy to perform. It can be done with a slight anesthesia to allow for efficient application with reduced pain.



Princess ® Volume is a naturally occurring element in the body. It does not have any allergic effects when introduced in the body. It is exhaustible with time and this allows one to pull off the treatment if they do not like the results or in case of any side-effects.

Side Effects

Princess ® Volume could cause some side-effects such as tenderness, redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site, usually resolving within about a week. Also, side-effects could include small hematomas, indurations, edemas, erythema, lumps or light bleeding from the injection, which can cause pain, pressure and itchiness.

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