Explore the most comfortable prices

Allpara Global Parapharmacy

Explore the most comfortable prices

Allpara Global Parapharmacy

Bumping from cost to cost

Through the whole period of our successful operation, we have established excellent partnership relations with all our suppliers – manufacturers of medical products (dermal fillers, anti-aging creams, lotions, moisturizers, meso-cocktails, professional cosmetics, etc.) and equipment (breast implants, endoprosthesis, surgical needles and lifting threads, etc.).

Due to long-term cooperation we receive reduced procurement prices from the manufacturers. We work with the most famous brands such as Belotero Merz, Galderma, Filorga, Pierre Fabre, Juvederm Allergan, Perfectha, Stylage Vivacy, Surgidem Allergan, Teosyal Teoxane, Aptos, Princess Croma, Silhouette, RevitaCare, Aqualyx, Mesoestetic, Surface, Zo Skin , SkinCeuticals and others. And we always offer our customers low prices, wide selection of goods and great service. Our prices are the lowest and the most convenient for the customer. You will always find the best products from leading brands. We can offer you any product volumes amount in different price ranges.

We work to help you to avoid excess payment. Thanks to our efforts, you can instantly get oriented and make the right decision. Moreover, there has been not a single case in the history of our company, which could harm our reputation.

To update prices and place an order for products you are interested in, please, visit the Contacts section of our website.

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We just try to make you realize

We suggest taking advantage of not only our European office, but our entire network – you can contact our sales representatives in China and Hong Kong, Russia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Africa. This is a unique opportunity to get not only the most reasonable prices, but also to speed up the delivery time of the ordered products and medical equipment.

Thanks to this fact, you will be able to actually help to your patients, maintaining and improving their health. Our offers were duly appreciated by many of our customers, who made cooperation with us a part of their business. With the help of our logistics service, which forms the daily plan, we handle a large number of orders at a time and almost without interruption. At each stage, including the placement of the order, its processing, loading, delivery and tracking to the client, we have professionally sustainable advantages over each of our competitors. Our main objective is to maintain the prices that will make any of your purchase the most profitable for you. Our prices are significantly lower than those offered by other companies.

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That nobody does it better

Dear Customers! Our company in engaged in sales of only original products of leading brands, producing high-quality medical products and equipment. We understand that all the above mentioned statements may seem unpersuasive without their confirmation with actual guarantees. If, for some reason, you’ll remain dissatisfied with something,

our staff will do everything possible not to disappoint you.

We highly value our reputation and trust of each of our customer, so any medication that we sell through our network passes the appropriate quality control, has all the necessary certificates and approvals for sales. Each batch of goods to be delivered is tested separately, thus, we guarantee that the products, which do not correspond to the specified quality or expiry date will not be delivered to the customer.

We are confident in the quality of each cream, filler, lotions and injection medications. Thus! Our prices are much lower than those of all our competitors are. We offer only quality products. All products undergo strict quality control and have the necessary certificates. You can place an order via the website at any time. Thanks to our favorable offers, you can purchase your preferred medication at a reasonable price.

Through a wide network of warehouses in Europe and other continents, and cooperation with the world’s leading shipping companies, we provide the shortest delivery terms for the goods. We offer the most convenient payment methods, which will allow you to pay for and receive the ordered goods quickly and easily.

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We Ship Worldwide

Our deliveries are quick and reliable all over the world! North, South, East and West. 5 or 5,000 km. It does not matter anymore. Through our offices and sales partners on all five continents, the products offered by our company are available worldwide.

We apply the following principle – when we received your order, the products specified in the request should be delivered to our customer as soon as it possible. Thanks to our experienced logistics division, we provide quick packaging and transportation of the ordered products.

We use the services of our partners in delivery sphere, DHL, UPS, EMS and ChronoPost, depending on your country and the ordered goods.

After registration procedure, your order will be shipped within 2-4 business days. In case the delivery of the order would be delayed for any reason, you will receive a notification via email or phone. All orders for items that are not currently held in stock are dispatched within 14 days.

We always deliver the goods within the time specified and there has been no single case in our long-term practice, that the goods ordered have not been received by the client. We also assist in document execution and always protect the interests of our clients.

We supply goods to the China, USA, Canada, Australia, the EU and other European countries, the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, as well as South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

Nothing is impossible for us, if required we will deliver your order to the North and South Poles.

allpara dermal fillers worldwide shipping

We work with the best!